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Nice to Meet You, Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

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We’re back with another brand spotlight! This time I’d like to introduce you to Ann Marie Gianni Wildcrafted, Organic Skincare. Swoon! If you’re familiar with this brand, you already know why I’ve chosen it for our brand spotlight this month, if not, you’re about to find out!

Ann Marie Gianni has been making organic and natural skin and hair care products since 2009. In that time, they have expanded their product line from skincare to cruelty-free makeup, organic essential oils, and more. Founded by two healthy lifestyle bloggers, the aim is to create skincare products made with ingredients that nourish your skin that are free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

With a truly open and transparent philosophy, this is skincare that you can truly feel good about putting on your skin.

Ann Marie Gianni Philosophy

 One of the coolest things about Ann Marie Gianni skincare is how hands-on they are from start to finish. Beginning with the ingredients of a product, everything is organic and/or wildcrafted and meets strict quality standards that include effectiveness for skin and body.

They create and maintain relationships with the farmers they work with and continually check on the sources of their ingredients for purity and sustainability.

Read on for more of their commitments to quality and safe-ingredient standards.

Ann Marie Gianni Standards + Certifications

 Organic + Wildcrafted

Ann Marie Gianni skincare uses all organic and wildcrafted ingredients, this is a promise they make to us as the consumer. That being said, they are upfront about the fact that they decided not to pursue the USDA certified organic certification, as it didn’t align with their values.

Ann Marie Gianni has made the commitment to use organically grown ingredients not only for the benefit of our skin and body but also for the environment and the ecosystem we are all a part of. Anything not certified organic, in their own words, is because it is a wildcrafted ingredient (meaning it grows naturally and therefore cannot be labelled organic).


All products in the Ann Marie Gianni skincare line are not tested on animals. Though again, this is without the Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free certification. Their thought process is that these ingredients are safe for your skin at every step in the formulation process – this being from raw ingredients, through the oil or aloe infusion process, right through to when you purchase the product in the bottle.

(In fact, quite a few bloggers out there claim to be so confident in these products as to eat them! We’ll just leave them for our skin, though.)

Commitment to Truth in Labeling

Another promise that Ann Marie Gianni makes to the consumer is that they fully disclose all of the ingredients in their products. They are believers in full transparency – after all, isn’t that why we are turning to clean, natural beauty products in the first place?


Almost all of Ann Marie Gianni’s products are completely vegan as well! The exceptions being their Coconut Honey Mask which contains honey; and their Anti-Aging Eye Cream and Sun Love Product line, which uses beeswax.

MADE SAFE™ Certified

One certification they have chosen to apply for is the MADE SAFE certification. MADE SAFE™ literally means a product has been made with ingredients not known to cause human health harm. It symbolizes Ann Marie Gianni’s commitment to creating safe skincare with integrity.


 Here’s the really fun part: their ingredients! Basically as close to earth as you can get, the luxurious ingredients that go into their products are not just natural, clean, and botanically-based — they also work! These products literally leave your skin glowing, moisturized and deeply hydrated.

Herb and Botanical-infused aloe and oils go into their masks and cleansers to make them soothing, cleansing, and deeply invigorating for the skin.

Serums and facial oils are all made to work directly with your skin, instead of fighting against it. And the scents of the various products all come exclusively from essential oils and fragrant herbal goodness – no artificial or added fragrance to be found, anywhere.

Best Products

 Before I jump into a few of their most popular products, I want to mention how amazing it is to shop Ann Marie Gianni’s website. If you’re just getting started, they offer a free “Skin Score” quiz to determine your skin type and then send you personal product recommendations.

You can shop their site by skin type, product type, collection or “interest” (ex: pregnancy, vegan, gluten-free, etc).

So if none of the products I list below strike your fancy, be sure to hop on over to their site and check it out!

Aloe Herb Cleanser

One of their self-proclaimed bestsellers, this is a luxuriously creamy cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean but not stripped and lacking moisture. Aloe infused with calendula, hyssop, lavender, lemon balm and helichrysum smells so good you almost don’t even want to wash it off!

Citrus Stem Cell Serum

Another aloe-based product, this one a serum for post-cleansing routine. Great for evening skin tone and brightening skin, this serum is made with stem cells from oranges, herbs with brightening properties, Vitamin C from amla berries, and of jojoba oil. The essential oil blend on this one is a scent not to be missed.

Sun Love

I had to include this one as I believe sunscreen is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine, and Ann Marie Gianni’s does not disappoint. With 18% non-nano zinc oxide and moisturizing oils, it lends an SPF 20 with lightweight protection.

Where to Buy

 Besides their amazing website which I mentioned above, you can find Ann Marie Gianni products at various approved resellers in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia! Check out their physical store locations HERE.

 Ann Marie Gianni skincare is one of those brands you can truly trust, that make products with ingredients with rigid quality standards but also, and perhaps most importantly, actually work to improve the look and feel of your skin when you use them.

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