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Clean Beauty Guide

5 Simple Steps For Switching to Non-Toxic Beauty Products

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We are back with Part 3 of our Go Clean: The Step by Step Transition to Clean Beauty Series!

I am really excited to get into this one because this is where things get fun! You already know the basics of switching to non-toxic beauty products- you’ve done all the research and the behind the scenes work, you know your ingredients, you are familiar with the brands you love and trust, you know how to read a cosmetic or personal care product ingredient list and now it’s time to seriously get started with this transition!

Step 1: Get to Know Your Skin

Making the transition to a Clean Beauty routine is the perfect time to truly get to know your skin and it’s needs. It’s the time you can create skincare goals and thoroughly follow through with them. Your skin is different than when you were a teenager or when you were in your 20s.

Depending on what stage of life your skin is in, you’re going to need different products to treat it the way it deserves. Use this transition to reconnect with your skin, figure out your skin type, find out what ingredients it responds well to, and which ones you should avoid (even if they are non-toxic.)

Perhaps you need to get serious about moisturizing or maybe you’re still dealing with hormonal acne – whatever the case may be, as you start and move through this transitional journey, start paying attention to what’s working and what your skin is asking of you.

Step 2: Add One Product at a Time

This step is all about being realistic when it comes to this translation.

It isn’t all or nothing!

It can feel ridiculously overwhelming to try to switch all of your products at once. Even the simplest of skin and haircare routines can seem daunting if you attempt to change everything all at once.

The best advice is to start by adding one item at a time.

Pick one personal care product and add it into your existing routine. By starting small, one product at a time, you’ll get the chance to test out the brands you’ve already done your research on, see which ones fit and jive with your routine and personality, and get some Clean Beauty momentum going.

Step 3: Prioritize Your Swaps

Let’s be real: if you barely ever reach for a bottle of perfume, it probably shouldn’t be one of the products you switch out first.

There are two ways you can prioritize your swaps:

… first, you can choose to replace the products that you use the most or use every single day. Think: cleanser, foundation, moisturizer, etc.

… second, you could choose to replace the products that are the worst offenders when it comes to toxic ingredients. On the whole, the products most likely to contain toxic ingredients are shampoos, deodorants and sunscreens.

Step 4: Switch as You Run Out

Another great tip is to switch products as you run out of their conventional counterpart. Instead of tossing out products that are full or that you still use, which can be both financially painful as well as a waste of product, wait until you’ve used them up.

At the end of your shampoo bottle?

… Give a Clean Beauty alternative a shot!

Is your mascara almost empty?

… Maybe it’s time to give natural mascara a try.

Keep Step 2 in mind here, as always, it isn’t all or nothing. If you have a favorite product that you aren’t willing to part with just yet, don’t. This doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Try your best to replace products as you go and you’ll find yourself making the switch quicker than you could have ever imagined.

Step 5: Simplify your Routine

Many products in the Clean Beauty game are multi-purpose items. Instead of looking to replace each and every one of the steps in your current skincare routine, try looking for products that can take the place of a few items.

Think: one item for cleanser and makeup remover, or simply choosing a great organic coconut oil to use as a hair mask and frizz-treatment, a lip balm, cuticle oil, and overall body moisturizer, etc.

Simplification will not only make the whole process less overwhelming, it will save you some money, too.

Put these 5 simple steps into play while you make the transition to a Clean Beauty routine in order to make the entire process easy, painless and uncomplicated!

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