• myo fabulous rosemary peppermint lemon foot scrub
    DIY Sunday

    DIY Sunday: Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon Foot Scrub

    This DIY Foot Scrub Makes for the Perfect Pedicure During this time, many have missed having their nails professionally done at the salon. After all, a manicure and pedicure treatment can be one of the most satisfying ways to relax and pamper yourself. Thankfully, this DIY Sunday recipe allows you to achieve a…

  • diy essential oils massage body oil
    DIY Sunday

    DIY Sunday: Relaxing Massage or Body Oil

    This DIY Massage and Body Oil is Key to a Relaxing Night In Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great body oil? Body oils easily work into the skin’s structure, making them a great choice for adding a boost of hydration or repairing and maintaining your skin’s moisture barrier. They’re an essential…

  • blue beauty movement
    Clean Beauty

    Blue Beauty: The Fight to Protect And Preserve Our Oceans

    There’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard a lot about the “green beauty” trend that’s been buzzing around the beauty community for a while (especially the clean beauty community). While green beauty has been a great stepping stone to improving beauty’s impact on the Earth and its environment, there’s a new beauty movement…

  • diy hair removing sugar wax
    DIY Sunday

    DIY Sunday: Hair-Removing Sugar Wax

    Happy end of the week, everyone! We know how much of a hassle shaving is, and with many spas and salons still closed, it’s not easy to get a professional wax. Today, we’ll be telling you how to make your own sugar wax, a method used by women for centuries (Queen Cleopatra herself!).…

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