relaxing epsom salt bath with chamomile and lavender recipe
DIY Sunday

DIY Sunday: Relaxing Epsom Salt Bath With Chamomile and Lavender

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Bring the Spa Home with this Relaxing DIY Bath Salt

Nothing takes the edge off of a hectic day like a hot, relaxing bath, and during these stressful times in our world, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and give yourself some much need TLC. These DIY bath salts are perfect for unwinding and creating a relaxing evening at home.

This recipe is loaded with beneficial ingredients. The Epsom salts and blend of essential oils are proven to promote relaxation, sleepiness, and stress-relief, making these bath salts ideal for a nighttime soak in the tub. Additionally, moisturizing, soothing, and healing properties can be found in these ingredients and help alleviate a variety of conditions and symptoms. Here is a rundown on these ingredients and their benefits:

Epsom Salts

Most people have probably used Epsom salts before and they are known for their outstanding benefits. When added to your bath, Epsom salts help produce melatonin, promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety and stress. The magnesium contained within the salts is also known to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, improving a variety of health conditions.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is another ingredient that’s fantastic for promoting sleep and relaxation. Studies have even shown that lavender oil can help reduce anxiety levels just as much as some prescription medications. This oil is antibacterial and antifungal, making it incredibly effective at relieving and healing conditions such as athlete’s foot. Additionally, it’s soothing and healing properties will leave your skin looking and feeling fantastic.

Chamomile Oil

This essential oil is chock full of soothing and moisturizing components. The fresh, herbaceous scent creates a relaxing environment after a long day of work and it is known to boost your immune system when absorbed through your bathwater. Like lavender, this oil has also been shown to greatly reduce depression and anxiety. Be sure to fully soak your body and hair to take advantage of this oil’s moisturizing and soothing properties.

What You’ll Need:

To Make:

Begin by crushing the lavender seeds with a mortar and pestle to release the plant’s healing oil. Mix all of the ingredients together, scoop into a glass container, and label. Store on your bathroom vanity or tie on a pretty ribbon and display on a shelf. This also makes for an excellent gift!

How to Use:

Begin by showering or bathing as you normally would. Shave first if you plan on doing so. Now it’s time to relax! Scoop out about a half-cup of your bath salts. Pour into your warm bath, lean back, and enjoy the soothing calm that takes over your body.

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